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Big 12 Running Back Ranking: Week 10

1. Kendall Hunter, Oklahoma State - 66 yards, 2 TD on 14 carries

A slow week for Hunter but he still leads the Big 12 in yards and touchdowns so he still leads the way here. The thing that is most impressive is that he didn't have to have a huge game against the Bears for OSU to dominate the running game with 290 yards. Joseph Randle has arrived folks and he's getting better every week. I expect huge things from both of them this weekend in Austin. Doesn't look like the Longhorns can stop the run - at all.

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2. Daniel Thomas, Kansas State - 106 yards, 2 TD's on 18 carries

Thomas is quietly having a very solid year. He's averaging about 122 yards a game and needs just 164 yards over the next three to improve on his numbers as a junior. Quarterback Collin Klein cut in to his totals a bit but it shouldn't be an issue down the stretch. The Big 12 clearly has just 2 elite running backs and Thomas is one of them. He's should have a filed day against a weak Missouri run defense. 

3. Rodney Stewart, Colorado- 175 yards, 3 TD's on 27 carries

Solid showing by Stewart. Too bad it was overshadowed by a collapse in the second half by the rest of the team. He's a very good running back and he should have another solid outing this week against Iowa State.


4. Roy Helu Jr., Nebraska - 99 yards, 1 TD on 22 carries

Helu Jr. finished with a solid game but Rex Burkhead actually led the team with 129 yards on 20 carries with 2 TD's. All of this was done without the great Taylor Martinez so it's proof the that Nebraska running game is generally good enough to win games on it's own.  They get to have some fun with Kansas this week. It could get ridiculous.


5. Jay Finley, Baylor - 91 yards, 2 TD on 18 carries

Yet another solid outing for Finley who finished with 91 yards against a stout OSU run defense. He'll have his hands full this weekend against the wrecking crew of A&M who are currently 6th nationally against the run. 



6. Demarco Murray , Oklahoma - 80 yards 1 TD on 25 carries


Murray got the carries (25) but not the yards (80). He once again proved that he's more of a receiver than a running back so explain to me again how he's a Doak Walker finalist?

7. Alexander Robinson, Iowa State - 101 yards on 32 carries

After a slow start to the season, Robinson is back to form. He also got involved in the passing game with 4 catches, including a 14 yards touchdown. He's closing in on yet another 1000 yard season and should have a good day this week against Colorado. He's never had fewer than 100 yards against the Buffs.

8. Cyrus Gray, Texas A&M - 122 yards, 1 TD  on 21 carries

Gray filled in for the injured Michael and did very well. He'll have another chance to do well this week against a less than stellar Baylor defense.

9. Baron Batch, Texas Tech - 134 yards on 28 carries 

Batch found some room to run against a weak Missouri Tiger defense. Does that surprise anyone?

10. K Lawrence, Missouri - 96 yards, 1 TD on 6 carries

It's K Lawrence that leads the way this week and he finishes with a fairly solid outing - on six carries. Missouri found out what happens when you can't run the ball consistently. You lose.

11.Cody Johnson, Texas - 11 yards on 5 carries

You know it's bad when your leading rusher is a quarterback who's not a running quarterback.

12. James Sims, Kansas- 123 yards, 4 TD's on 20 carries

A solid performance. Congrats Kansas.