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Top Ten 2010 University of Texas Football Slogans

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First, let me say that I have tremendous respect for the University of Texas football program. They have been a national power for quite some time and I expect them rise back up just as quickly as they have fallen. With that said, to say that UT football this year has been a slight disappointment is a tad bit of an understatement. It's not very often that teams that are regularly in the middle or even at the bottom of the conference can brag and gloat about defeating the mighty Longhorns. Well, it would seem that Texas wanted to give everyone their shot--in the same year. So in the spirit of having a little fun at UT's expense, I have compiled ten slogans that best represent their 2010 season. Click the jump for the crypt keeper's Mack Brown's nude pics! Just kidding, it's safe....or is it?

2010 Texas Football:

1. Where great talent and shitty coaching go hand in hand.

2. Well--we beat Nebraska, right?

3. The only thing more embarrassing than our football team are the statues we erect to honor past greats.

4. So this is how Baylor feels every year.

5. We refuse to lose at home to Baylor Iowa State UCLA Wyoming!

6. Where our QB looks and throws like Justin Bieber.

7. The year we let Bevo call the offensive plays.

8. Quality running backs are overrated.

9. Well, there's always the Dallas Cowboys....Shit!

10. Looking forward to 2011!