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Oklahoma State @ Texas Game Thread (and b-ball)


With the basketball opener today at 3:30, and the Texas game tonight at 7:00, I figured I would open this thing up a little early to accommodate any thoughts on both games.

The Cowboys basketball team takes on Houston Baptist at 3:30 today at GIA, the game will be available on regular OSU radio outlets. For the official site info go here. The starting lineup for the Pokes looks to be the same as it was during the exhibition games so we should expect the same kind of rotations as well. For our preseason basketball write ups click this link.

As for the football game... ho hum it is just another chance to end some long standing streak of futility. In this case, Oklahoma State has only beat Texas once in Austin, and it was in 1944. The combo of Texas being down and the breakout season by these Cowboys has the Pokes coming into Austin as the favorite, and all signs point to a double digit win. I see no reason it shouldn't happen. I mean shit would have to go real wrong for us to lose this thing. I hate the comparative scoring arguments as much as anyone... but I do find it interesting that both teams have had the exact same two opponents for their last two games, and the results couldn't have been much more opposite. Let's be positive Poke fans... yes we are playing the team that has the word "Texas" printed on their jerseys, but we are also playing the team that is 4-5 and is in the "ready to give up and get the game (and season) over with" stage of their season.

So let's get into those comments and discuss the two BSDITS games today.

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