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Oklahoma State-33, Texas-16: Post Game Quick Thoughts

It was pretty much a Cowboy domination from start to finish, in spite of some sloppy play by the Pokes.  The usual candidates had nice games, and if we gave a game ball award it would go to the offensive line.  MDM Brandon Weeden had all day, and there were some good running lanes when we actually went that route. On the negative side there was a missed extra point (first ever for Dan the Man), plenty of drops (2 by Blackmon), some missed tackles (Orie got straight run over at the goal line), but a win in Austin is a win in Austin.  They don't happen that often so I am not going to get too hung up on the negatives right now.

Nice win Pokes! 2010 seems to be the year we can finally put an end to all these terrible streaks.

As usual, more recaps coming throughout the week, but for now leave your thoughts in the comments.  Also, make sure to check out Burnt Orange Nation for the other side's take on things.


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