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Bedlam Kickoff Time: 7pm on ABC

Can you say ESPN College Gameday? Talk about setting the stage for an epic game. OU and OSU will likely be playing for the Big 12 South and an opportunity to win the conference. With the game between Auburn and Alabama taking place on Friday, I'd say it's a virtual lock that ESPN brings its crew to Stillwater once more. This is the chance for Oklahoma State's playmakers to take center stage for a national audience. Brandon Weeden, Justin Blackmon, and Kendall Hunter have a shot to show everyone what they've been missing.

Some people have reservations about College Gameday and see it as a curse (Yeah, Sam! Another curse reference!). But the way I see it, if you want the national recognition you have to achieve your accomplishments on a national platform. It's time for everyone to get excited (and also bitch about Holder's ticket policy). Your Cowboys have a chance to take yet another giant leap in moving the football program to the forefront along side the nation's elite.