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Big 12 Running Back Ranking: Week 11

1. Kendall Hunter, Oklahoma State - 116 yards, 2 TD on 23 carries

Another great week for Hunter who is now 3rd nationally. He is without a doubt, the best running back in the Big 12 and he's making a case for the best in the nation. There's 2 weeks left to the regular season. Let's go!  He should have a field day this weekend in Lawrence against a team that isn't exactly known for their run defense. 

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2. Daniel Thomas, Kansas State - 66 yards, 2 TD's on 12 carries

K-State quarterback Collin Klein is cutting in to his production, but Thomas is still putting up solid numbers. I'm a little confused on why you don't give a running back like Thomas more carries - but I'm not going to argue with Snyder. He should have his way with a Colorado team that made James Sims of Kansas look like Chris Johnson. 

3. Jay Finley, Baylor - 169  yards, 3 TD's on 28 carries

Wow. This tells me two things. First, the OSU run defense is solid. They held him to under 100 yards ands that's something that not many teams have done. Second, Finley is a really good running back.  He should be in line for another big game this week against the Sooners. He might just be the key to OSU winning the South. Wouldn't that be something?

4. Rodney Stewart, Colorado- 123 yards on 36 carries

36 carries! If there's one thing you can say about Colorado it's that they are committed to running the football. Things might be a little harder this week against Nebraska but I'm pretty sure Cozmo could have 100 yards with 36 attempts.

5. Roy Helu Jr., Nebraska - 85 yards, 1 TD on 18 carries

A decent game for Helu, Jr. They didn't have to really get after it since they were playing Kansas. They'll have a little bigger test this week in College Station. 

6. Demarco Murray , Oklahoma - 79 yards on 9 carries

So Oklahoma blows Texas Tech out and their start running back has 79 yards on 9 carries. I'll ask again... How is he a Doak Walker finalist? If he doesn't unleash on the Bears this weekend, I'm going to demand that he be removed from the list. I'm sure they'll listen...

7. Alexander Robinson, Iowa State - 22 yards, 1 TD on 9 carries

Another head scratcher. 9 carries? Iowa State lost by the way. 

8. Cyrus Gray, Texas A&M - 137 yards, 4 TD  on 28 carries

Monster day by Gray. I'd say he's filling in for the injured Michael nicely.  

9. Baron Batch, Texas Tech - 91 yards on 11 carries 

Kendall Hunter's mouth is watering. 8.3 yards per carry! 

10. Cody Johnson, Texas - 68 yards, 1 TD on 16 carries

Johnson had a pretty good night, although most of it came in the fourth quarter. I bet all of the Texas players are excited to let it loose this weekend against Sun Belt power Florida Atlantic. 

11. James Sims, Kansas- 9 carries, Guess how many yards?

Guess how many yards James Sims had last week against Nebraska? Lower....Lower.....For you math whizzes out there, his YPC average was 2.7.

12. De'Vion Moore, Missouri - 47 yards on 9 carries

Terrible. In other news, is anyone watching the replay of  "The Wire" on DirecTV? I am and I really like it.