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OSU vs. Kansas: Prediction Time

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Who else is super pumped for what should be a close, great game?! ......Yeah, probably not going to happen. Although it probably would be best not to piss off the football gods by acting too cocky about OSU's chances of winning. After all, I doubt #13 Texas Tech came into Stillwater in 2004 thinking they were going to lose to unranked, cellar dwelling OSU. Now that I think about it, there are way too many parallels there. Just like OSU in '04, Kansas has new coaches, new players, a new scheme, and going up against a top #15 opponent...but there's no way the Cowboys will lose, right? Nope. Not a chance. None at all.

Well rather than think about how I just cursed the Pokes, let's make some predictions instead! Yeah!  

1. Final Score?

2. Longest passing play?

3. Weeden's rushing yards?

4. Which defender will deliver the biggest hit?

5. Will Weeden's beard continue to look like an odd growth on his neck?

6. Who finishes with more total yards? Hunter or Blackmon?

7. How many footlong subs can Mark Mangino eat in ten minutes?

***Hooray Mark Mangino fat joke!!!!