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Who is Oklahoma State's Most Indispensable Player?

Now that we have seen this Cowboy team play without Justin Blackmon, and since today is vote-casting day (official name), I think it is time for a good ol CRFF poll. For this one the topic is: Cowboys player you would most hate to lose for the season due to injury, suspension, Deion Sanders pilates class, etc. I have always thought that "Most Indispensable Player" is a much better way to look at this kind of a thing instead of "Most Valuable Player", even though fundamentally they mean the same thing. MVP has taken on the connotation of most statistically impressive, while "Most Indispensable" makes you think in terms of "value over replacement player". And that is really what we want to know here... which Cowboy can this team least afford to lose. Place your vote and leave your reason in the comments.