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CRFF Week 13 BlogPoll Ballot

Same process as every week.... and since someone disagreed with the rankings last week I'll go ahead and actually post the methodology this time. We rank based first on record, then shuffle teams around within their record tier based on whatever arbitrary tie-breakers we decide to use. As of this week, all BCS AQ conference teams that have 3 losses or less are included, and the Non-AQ teams we felt qualified for their record tier are: TCU, Boise, Nevada, and Tulsa (homer).

The record tiers break down like this (the best team in their record tier in parenthesis):

1-4 :: The unbeatens (Oregon)
5-11 :: The one loss teams (LSU)
12-17 :: Two loss-ers (Alabama)
18-25 :: Three loss teams (A&M)

Our ballot after the jump... feel free to argue it all you want.