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Bedlam "Premium Game" Ticket Policy Poll

This might be lighting a powder keg but I feel like this is certainly a relevant topic and needs to be discussed. This game between Oklahoma and Oklahoma State is probably the most important match up between the two squads since 1984. The winner of this game will represent the South in the Big 12 Championship against a reeling Nebraska team (that's assuming they beat Colorado this week...). OSU has never been in this position before. The Cowboys are the 1st place team in the south and control their own destiny.

With all that said, a game of this size usually would record a sellout crowd. Not in this case, though. The only people who will be able to see this historic game in person will be season ticket holders and 5,000 Sooner fans that the school has alotted tickets for. That will equal a little under 50,000 total in attendance when the stadium can hold 62,000.

There are two sides to this. On one side, people like Mike Holder's plan because it has boosted season ticket sales and created a more dedicated fanbase. They also like the policy because it allows a minimum amount of OU fans into the game and therefore gives OSU a better home field advantage.

On the other side, people do not like Mike Holder's plan because they feel like he is trying to price some fans out of the building. There are fans that live out of state that cannot take advantage of season tickets but would still like to go to the Bedlam game. On top of that, some feel that in a year like this, OSU should be trying to fill the stands with as many OSU fans as possible.

On the outside looking in, Sooner fans are obviously outraged because they do not get to attend this great game unless they A. Buy season tickets B. Are lucky enough to be apart of the 5,000 that get tickets from OU. C. Pay a pretty hefty price for somebody else's ticket.

So my question to all of you is: Where do you stand? Are you for the plan or against it?

Leave us your thoughts as well on why you feel the way you do.