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Bedlam Q & A with the CRFF writers

He must have been excited about seeing the gas station just outside of the stadium...
He must have been excited about seeing the gas station just outside of the stadium...

1. Which concerns you more? OU's offense or defense?

Samuel Bryant: The OU offense... I don't think anyone is stopping the OSU offense. The OU offense runs that dink and dunk stuff pretty well, and that is an offense that has traditionally been difficult for the Cowboys to stop. I think this year we have been pretty successful defending the short passes, but that doesn't mean I'm not worried about it.

Cincy Joe: Offense. If Nebraska can't stop the machine, OU sure as hell can't.

Cozmo: The defense. No way they can stop us, but if they can get somepressure on Weeden or a few turnovers it could be the difference.

Royal John: The defense. I don't think their offense can put up the same amount of points as OSU can. If it is a shootout, I think OSU will outscore OU. If OU wins this game it is going to be because they are able to keep the final score in the upper twenties to lower thirties.

2. If OSU doesn't win, who would you like to see win the Big 12 championship? Nebraska or OU?

Sam: Probably OU. In the battle of fanbases that are our most polar opposite...these are the top 2. So when everything else is equal, I'll root for the South team.

Cinci: As much as it pains me to say it - OU. Fuck Nebraska and fuck the Big 10.

Cozmo: Missouri. I justed wanted to be that guy ;)

Royal: Based on what has happened this season, definitely OU. Pelini and his misfits deserve to be bounced from the Big 12 with a boot to the ass. His lunacy mixed with his players' dirty play topped off with their fanbase's whiney attitude makes this an easy choice for me.


3. Who must have a bigger impact in this game to win? Hunter or Blackmon?

Sam: Hunter. Blackmon will get his either way....but this offense is truly dominant when the running game is going. Maybe the blowouts arent as big, but I love the ball control and the lower risk of turnovers that comes along with the dominant running game.

Cinci: Blackmon. I'd like to see him one-up Rashaun Woods performance of 2002 if you know what I mean.

Cozmo: That's a tough one. I think Hunter is more important, if Blackmon is doubled and not producing he is still effecting things by pulling a defender out of the box. If Hunter is not running well and we can't establish the run then they can put more people in coverage and limit the passing game.

Royal: Hunter. Everything starts with the run game. He doesn't necessarily have to have the same numbers as Blackmon but he has to be able to get the tough yards to extend drives and keep the safeties close to the box in order to open up the passing game.


4. Is this the biggest game in OSU modern history?

Sam: Is 1984 modern history? If so, #2 versus #3 has to be the bigger game. But this is right up there.

Cinci: Absolutely. Game Day. Top 10 ranking. Bedlam. South title on the line. There's never been a bigger game. Ever.

Cozmo: Yep.

Royal: Even looking at the 1984 match up, I still think this game is bigger. College football is a totally different animal now than it was then. There is so much more exposure, so much more at stake. A win in this game puts OSU on a national media platform that didn't even exist in 1984.