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Bedlam 2010: 5 Things to Watch

Ryan Broyles

Ryan Broyles is supposedly a great wide receiver but unlike Justin Blackmon, he's disappeared in all of the Sooners big games. 5-36 against Texas, 8-59 at Texas A&M and 8 for 110 against Missouri. Oh, and he was held without a touchdown in all of those games.  It's been feast or famine for Broyles and in big games, or games that have been close, it's typically been famine. His only really big games have been at home, against inferior talent.

Kendall Hunter and Joseph Randle

 It's Kendall's last game at home and he's got a Doak Walker award to win, so look out. He's only been held under 100 yards twice this season and both were blowouts where he wasn't needed. He's always been the kind of back that shows up big in big games, so I fully expect a big night from him. I also think we'll continue to see the passing of the torch from Hunter to Randle, where Randle gets more involved. Both will be important keys to a Big 12 South Championship

The Sea of Orange

Let's look at Oklahoma's road losses. Missouri fans had all day to get themselves riled up for the big game and it was one of the craziest home crowds I've seen in a long time. Texas A&M is known for their home-field advantage and it had a huge impact on Landry Jones and the Sooners. Bottom line, OU hasn't shown they can win in a hostile environment. Last week in Waco was a home game. It's going to be up to the Sea of Orange to get BPS rocking and believe it or not, that could be the difference in the game.

The Sooners Opening Drive

How do they look? Do they march down with authority and score or do they punt? This OU team appears to get down on themselves easily and it's up to Cowboys to capitalize on that. Take them out of the game early and it could be a great night. Let them hang around and it could come down to a last minute field goal, or worse.

T Boone Pickens

I honestly hope T Boone pulls a Jerry Jones and is on the sideline for this. Serioulsy. Watch how happy he is as he's watching the Cowboys win their first Big 12 South Title; and his return on investment in real time.

Go Pokes!