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Bedlam Prediction Time!

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"Mommy, the OU quarterback just winked at me and offered me candy."
"Mommy, the OU quarterback just winked at me and offered me candy."

We are on the eve of what quite possibly is the biggest Bedlam game ever. The stage has been set. ESPN's College Gameday is on campus. Tailgaters are flocking to set up their tents. Massive amounts of fans are creating well thought out signs to be seen on national television only to have them confiscated before they can raise them in the background behind Lee Corso's empty head. It truly does not get better than this (that is unless the weather decides to get twenty degrees warmer for kickoff). Trash talk aside, this should be a really good game. Both the Cowboys and the Sooners have their sets of triplets on offense while both defenses have stood up and laid down at times. Speaking of laying down, if somebody has Erin Andrews' hotel room number, I have a camera (creepy). The Big 12 South title is on the line and quite possibly a BCS bowl berth. So without further ado, let's get the predictions going.

Click the jump button. I said CLICK IT!

1. Final Score?

2. Percentage odds that sooner fans will disgrace our National Anthem?

3. Number of fights that occur in the stadium?

4. Number of times "Boomer Sooner" will be played regardless of what happens on the field?

5. Total sacks in the game?

6. Which duo ends with more all-purpose yards: Broyles/Murray or Blackmon/Hunter?

7. Number of times Erin Andrews will undress me with her eyes?

8. Number of times Landry Jones' molestache will make parents in the stadium hold their kids close to them?

9. Kirk Herbstreit is an absolute tool.