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Oklahoma 47, Oklahoma State 41 : Bedlam Heartbreaker

Right now I want to forget this ever happened, but this will forever be remembered as a legendary Bedlam game (and an epic 4th quarter). For now I am going to focus on the positives (especially that absolutely ridiculous interception where Brodrick Brown tipped the ball to Shaun Lewis that I swear was the greatest play in the history of college football.. video above), go home, drink a lot, then probably come back and leave a comment that will just be a stream of obscenities.

This was still a great "rebuilding" season, an excellent game, and I am proud of the fight the team showed at the end when a lot of Cowboy teams would have thrown in the towel.  We still have a lot of reasons to hold our heads high.

We will recap this thing in a lot of ways over the next few days, but for now leave your comments (or condolences if you are a visiting non-OSU fan).