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Kendall Hunter and Justin Blackmon are All-Americans

Oklahoma State running back Kendall Hunter and wide receiver Justin Blackmon have been named to the 65th annual American Football Coaches Association All-American team.

Hunter had 261 carries for 1,516 yards and 16 TDs in 12 games. He averaged 5.81 yards per carry and almost 22 carries for 126 yards per game and had two games with  200 or more yards (Washington State, Nebraska). Hunter is another in a long list of All-American running backs at Tailback U.

Blackmon finished the season with 102 catches for 1,665 yards and 18 touchdowns in 11 games this season. Pretty incredible considering he sat out one game and played another on one leg. He averaged an astounding 9.3 receptions for 151.4 yards per game. Averaged! He had at least 100 receiving yards in every single game.

Congrats boys!