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Big 12 Bowl Projections with Cincy Joe

Bring your paddles to Dallas boys! We've got a meeting with the Mad Hatter on the horizon! Maybe.
Bring your paddles to Dallas boys! We've got a meeting with the Mad Hatter on the horizon! Maybe.

Let me start by saying, I haven't thought this through for hours and hours. That is Royal's job, if he ever recovers from his Crown hangover.  That being said, it's probably 100% accurate. I'm that good.

Here is the Big 12 Bowl Selection order...

BCS - Tostitos Fiesta
AT&T Cotton vs. SEC
Valero Alamo vs. Pac-10
Insight vs. Big Ten
Bridgepoint Holiday vs. Pac 10
Texas vs. Big Ten
New Era Pinstripe vs. Big East
TicketCity Bowl vs Big Ten/ACC

The conference currently has 4 teams that sit at 10-2. Oklahoma, Nebraska, Oklahoma State and Missouri. I'm going to assume (and hope) that OU beats the best, most christian fanbase in the country this weekend in the Big 12 Championship, sending them to yet another BCS bowl.

That would leave OSU at 10-2, Missouri at 10-2, Nebraska at 10-3 and Texas A&M at 9-3.

In my mind, Nebraska edges out Missouri in the North and OSU beats A&M in the South. The ranking would then look something like this.

Oklahoma State
Texas A&M

I'm sure a lot will change between now and Sunday evening, but this is how I see it as of today.

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl - Oklahoma vs. Connecticut

This will perhaps be the first time ever where a team is favored by more than 20 in a BCS matchup.

AT&T Cotton Bowl -Oklahoma State vs. LSU

Who wouldn't want to see The Mad Hatter versus the new regime? It's a no brainer. Baton Rouge is an easy drive, as is Stillwater. Both schools have a large alumni base in Dallas. Sure, they could take Nebraska, but they will have just lost and their fans will have just been in Dallas. They're a hard bunch to host.  Oh, and it would be a great storyline for the media which is always important when deciding bowl games.

Valero Alamo Bowl - Texas A&M vs. Arizona

It appears that Arizona is a lock for the Alamo Bowl. If that's the case, it's highly unlikely that they would choose Nebraska or Oklahoma State. The Huskers beat the piss out of 'Zona last year in the Holiday Bowl and the Wildcats travel to Stillwater for the opening game next season. Who's left? The Texas A&M Aggies. It doesn't hurt that they are failrly close to San Antonio.

Insight Bowl - Nebraska vs. Michigan

Someone's going to get screwed here so why not let it be the "leaving for the big 10" Huskers? They will have just been to Dallas for the Big 12 Championship game so why send them back to the Cotton? Warm and sunny Tempe will sound better in December anyway.  Keep in mind, Alamo won't want them either.

Bridgepoint Holiday Bowl - Missouri vs. Washington

This will be a good game to take the lights down during....

Texas Bowl - Baylor vs. Illinois

Baylor is going to a bowl!  Baylor is going to a bowl! This will be a great opportunity for the Bears.

New Era Pinstrip Bowl - Kansas State vs. Syracuse

This would be a much better basketball game...

TicketCity Bowl - Texas Tech vs. Northwestern

A good bowl only if you're a huge fan. I mean HUGE fan.