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10 Reasons Why OSU is better than Baylor

Ok, enough with the stats. Let the trash talking commence. All I've read and heard all week long is how Baylor is on their way up and is now a Big 12 South contender. Their record so far against south teams? 1-1. Watch out! As you can probably guess, I'm a bit tired of it. I have no doubt that Baylor is better but to call them a south contender when they have yet to play their three toughest foes in the south is a bit of a reach. So with that said, I've compiled a list of reasons why OSU is better in every way than Baylor. Let it be known that the following list is not politically correct, probably hypocritical, and hopefully offensive. Enjoy after the jump!

1. You can date one of our athletes without the fear of having your jaw broken.

2. Dancing at OSU is not grounds for being burned at the stake.

3. The "Bear Claw" hand sign lands somewhere between Bradley Cooper and The Shake Weight on the "You're not Impressive, You're Gay" scale.

4. T. Boone Pickens gave a lot of money to build the facilities needed to recruit great players. Baylor basketball head coach Scott Drew skipped the facilities and gave the money straight to the recruits.

5. Baylor's latest slogan to recruits: "Come play football at Baylor where every Saturday feels like you're back home playing in your high school stadium."

6. Baylor students have the same freedoms as OSU students-as long as they're Baptist, Caucasian, male, and don't express anything considered to be an independent thought.

7. Pistol Pete may be a little creepy but at least he isn't a bubbly cartoon bear blow-up suit that looks like it'll offer you candy if you get in its windowless van.

8. At OSU, Preacher Bob is a fanatical, bible thumping lunatic who damns everyone to hell. At Baylor, he is Bob.

9. In Stillwater, Ladies Night takes place at least six times a week at different bars. Baylor is confused by the term "Ladies Night" and its implication that women can actually possess something.

10. Baylor Athletics is only the second worst tragedy to have taken place in Waco.