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Sports Technology that Needs to Exist

If you could control your own camera angle during a game, would you even watch the game?
If you could control your own camera angle during a game, would you even watch the game?

Back again with post #2 concerning the intersection of sports and technology. Last week I discussed how much I enjoy the way blogs and message boards bring fanbases together, and open us up to new ideas.  This week I want to talk about technologies we wish existed.

Maybe I am greedy, but all the technology we use now isn't enough. Sure I love big screens, stadium replays, streaming internet, data metrics and all the other ways technology has improved the fan experience, but don't the guys in lab coats need to go a little further?  Whether it is improvements on data or the way we experience live events, there has to be more that will be invented... right?  And since someone needs to let the world know what technology we want next, I figured I should go ahead and put together a to-do list for the tech dudes out there.  so feel free to ignore your boss tech dudes.. you now take your orders straight from me and this comment section.

To Do list after the Jump.


Sports technology inventors To-Do list:

  1. The ability to toggle TV announcer volume on/off during any sporting event.
    I get the need for announcers. For those that casually follow their team, or when I am watching a team I am not familiar with, the announcers serve a purpose.  They project their opinion on top of what you are seeing on the screen in order to give you some context... and this is fine if their opinion is based on the fact that they are more knowledgeable than you.  But there is no announcer out there that knows more about OSU football than all of us reading this site... so during Cowboy games all the announcers do is piss us off with their generic takes and misplaced analysis. If I could turn this off, but still get the crowd noise and PA from the stadium, my TV game watching experience would be drastically enhanced.
    Or better yet... allow fans to announce. Like I could run an app here on my laptop, and give my commentary during the game, and it would be available for any TV watcher to tap into that feed, or any of the other feeds anyone puts out there.
  2. User controllable camera
    When I am watching a game in person, I am rarely watching the ball.  I enjoy watching individual matchups, the secondary, line play, etc.  Wouldn't it be great if we could control the cameras like on a Playstation replay to watch from whatever angle we want?  I could follow Blackmon through his route on one play, then zoom into the line on the next.  Or on certain plays rewind and re-watch the play from a different angle.
  3. User controllable crowd camera
    See #2, but used for more perverted reasons.. and maybe some non-perverted reasons.
  4. More bizarre readily available data metrics
    Combine stats (40-time, max bench, etc)
    What type of car each athlete drives - You are telling me you don't want to know what each Big XII QB drives?  btw...I bet Austen Arnaud drives a Rover.
    # of sex partners - This would really help CRFF because for some reason this site loves speculating on the amount of P being crushed by every athlete we discuss... it is very juvenile and entertaining.  Also, wouldn't it be great if Football Outsiders found a link between # of sex partners and rushing yards or something?  It would take sports to a whole other level. If a link were found, dudes might be out slaying every piece they can find, or vice versa if the link were that fewer partners meant better rushing stats. 
  5. Big play music
    Like how batters get to pick their own song to play when they come up to the plate.  So ya, this technology already exists, but it needs to be in football.  Image if JB's TDs were followed by his song of choice.... or after a great offensive playcall, this song cues up.

I'm sure there are plenty more potential technologies that some may consider more important than these (except the crowd cam), but this is the list the inventors are using now, plus whatever you want to add in the comments. So sports watching world... get ready.