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Graphics Ride For Free #5

Well Graphics Ride For Free has been on a break for a few weeks (thanks to a photoshop licensing issue), but it is back and with a theme.  If you missed the previous GRFF, they are here:
Graphics 1
| Graphics 2 | Graphics 3 | Graphics 4

So did everyone read this article at NewsOK?  If you didn't, here is the part you need to know.


The flip of the calendar brings a fun vow of unity at OSU: No-Shave November.

"If I can grow a beard, I'll be stoked, because I've never tried," Weeden said.

Weeden's growth has already begun. Others, it seems, might have a harder time.

"All the quarterbacks are involved," Weeden said. "Clint Chelf is 19, I'm not sure he's shaved in 19 years. He's got nothing, just bald.

"We're going to give it a shot. I'll be very surprised if I make it all 30 days of the month."

So the QB's are going to be having themselves a beard growing month.  Well I figured I could take save us some waiting and use this weeks GRFF to preview what the Million Dollar Man will look like all bearded up.... after the Jump.