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Oklahoma State - 55, Baylor - 28 Postgame Thoughts

Well another week, and another Oklahoma State victory over another "good but now terrible" team.  Get ready for a few days of getting pissed at news sources devaluing this win... except from us.  We will offer the opposing view since 1) we think this was probably the most dominating victory over a solid team this season, and 2) we would not be considered a legitimate news source... unless you consider fart noises and domestic violence jokes to be news.

On to the bullets:

  • Best game of the season by the defense. They made this Baylor offense look awful for most of 3 quarters, then the backups came in to give up 2 TDs and cost us some "style" points. The sideline to sideline coverage both in the secondary and at the line of scrimmage was the best it has been all season. There were no big holes for Griffin to pass to, or to scramble to.  It also helps that Griffin throws the least catchable pass of any QB in the Big XII.  He isn't a bad QB, but he rarely hits anyone in stride nor puts the right amount of force on the pass.  Most either float or are rifled in.

    More bullets after the Jump
  • This was definitely the best performance by the D-line this year. They were getting pressure with 4 rushers against a well-respected offensive line. And they weren't just getting that pressure with one guy, it was coming from everywhere... and it not only pressured Griffin, it boxed him in and didn't allow him any scrambling lanes.
  • I don't think I need to say much about the offensive side that 725 total yards doesn't say on its own.  Baylor decided to try to play forward and were mostly in a soft zone or loose man coverage...and when Justin Blackmon is on the field, that shit will not work out.  That was the most open JB has been since the Tulsa game.
  • The MDM Brandon Weeden is becoming frighteningly good. His accuracy is unbelievable, and now that he and the WRs have had 9 games to get on the same page, he knows right where to put it, and they know where to be (gross). Also, apparently MDM is now a dual threat QB. 4 rushes for 19 yards, bitch. But seriously, he had a run for like 5 yards in the 3rd quarter where he turned on the jets and separated from the LB that was chasing him. And his arm is just as accurate when throwing on the run... Texas, Kansas, and OU defenses should be getting very nervous about his development.
  • Dan Bailey finally missed one... and it was a short one. Booooo.  On the plus side for the special teams, the kickoff coverage was excellent (Baylor averaged 20.2 yards on 5 returns), and Justin Gilbert showed the skills we were hearing all about in fall camp.  That return was nice and his breakaway speed once he was in open field was just sick.
  • Speaking of breakaway speed, how about that end-around by Justin Blackmon?  We knew he had great hands, and that he is shifty, but I don't think we knew that he had that kind of breakaway speed. Also, his TD catch was an amazing adjustment to the ball while it was in the air. His body control continues to blow me away.  But in all, my favorite JB highlight came in the 3rd Quarter (I think it was the 3rd) when he had separation for what looked like a sure TD over the top, and the ball was a little underthrown which allowed the defender to get there about 1 second before the ball and get flagged for interference. Well the defender didn't know he was flagged and jumped up giving the incomplete signal and celebrating.  JB ran up behind him, patted him on the butt, and when the guy turned around JB politely pointed to the flag on the field. Classic polite shit talking.
  • That is it for my quick takes... more detailed recaps will be coming over the next few days.  What are your feelings about the Cowboy win?