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CRFF BlogPoll Week 11 Ballot

Same strategy as before, rank by record, then go to tiebreakers. This week the tiers are as follows:

1-4: The Unbeatens

5-13 : The One Lossers

14-21: The Two Loss Guys

22-25: Three Loss Teams that it made me sick to rank

Tons of movement this week as I'm sure will be the case in the cumulative poll as well.  I am tentatively putting Oklahoma State at #7, but a win this weekend in Austin would trigger my unabashed homer reflex and they will shoot up to top 3... and hell, it would give me a reason to knock Boise down which I have been dying to do all season.

Ballot after the jump.  Let me know if you disagree (note: all disagreements will be acknowledged by me as you "just not getting it".)