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This Just In, Matt Pilgrim Doesn't Think Things Through

Via Tulsa World

Look, I love Matt Pilgrim, but he has got to learn to reign it in a little. Apparently he tweeted that he can understand why someone would go on a shooting spree in Stillwater, then apologized for it.  I'm not sure which subject fascinates me most here:

  1. That Matt Pilgrim apparently still doesn't understand that tweets are completely public... everyone can see them, reprint them, etc. Tweets aren't just messages to your 4 best friends, they are to the do you not know this?
  2. Part of his apology was:
    "Being from the big city (Cincinnati), I’ve dealt with things I’ve never had to deal with until I came here."
    Apparently Cincinnati is "the big city"...HAHA!. Cincinnati! "Sorry Stillwater, but when you are used to a town that has Chillis, Cheesecake Factory, AND a Crate and Barrel, it is really hard to take anywhere else seriously".
    Speaking of... does anyone know when Jay-Z's "Empire State of Mind Part 2, The Natty" is scheduled for release? 

Between the cribs video and Matt Pilgrim, this basketball team is turning into Miami Football from the 80's. I'm not sure if I am excited or terrified about this... I'll decide when I am relaxing on my honeymoon next week... in Cincinnati of course.