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The Official "Pick Your Oklahoma State Football Wins and Losses" Game

This might be the best or the dumbest idea I have ever had (or somewhere in the middle I guess).  I am hoping that with enough participation (that is you) we will end up with a decent feeling of what type of a program we want Oklahoma State to be. 

The thing is, we can't win them all every season... and odds are we will never win them all (since the inception of the BCS in 1998 there have been 7 undefeated seasons by a BCS AQ conference school).  And since we can't win them all, I thought it might be fun (so much fun!) to revisit the 2010 season and handpick our wins and losses.  Would you trade the OU loss for a Baylor loss?  What about Kansas State for Nebraska?

There is one rule though:  The Cowboys must end up with the same overall record (10-2), non-conf record (4-0), and Big XII record (6-2). So you can't just trade out our 2 losses for Troy and ULL and say we are 8-0 and took the Big XII. And to further follow that up... let's just leave out the concept of the Big XII South tiebreaker rules all together.  Yes I know that if we trade out the Baylor win for an OU win OU would have had 3 losses and thus put us in a tie with A&M of which we owned the tiebreaker. That is missing the point. The point of the exercise is to see if there is any other way you would have preferred to end up in the exact same spot we are in now (10-2, tied for first in the South but lose the tiebreaker).  Let's assume that no matter which wins or losses you trade out, the other teams records magically adjusted as well and the Cowboys still ended up losing the 3-way tiebreaker for the South.

So would you rather Oklahoma State be the type of program that beats the teams we should beat and loses to the teams we should lose to (pretty much what happened this year)?  Or would you rather have a season where the Cowboys lost a couple we shouldn't and took down the two top dogs in the conference (closer to A&M's 2010 season)?  Are there certain teams you are okay with the Pokes losing to and some you can't stand that there is an L next to?  Whatever your reasons, leave your comments below with the wins you would trade and the explanation.