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Nebraska vs Oklahoma: The Lesser of Two Evils

The regular season has ended. It's not what we had hoped for going into Saturday, but far far better than what we thought starting the season. As we wait to find out what bowl we go to, this weekend in Arlington the final Big 12 championship will be played. The conundrum I'm left with is who do I want to see win this game? On one side you have our most hated enemies who's fanbase we all have come to despise with their walmart sweat shirts, association of self worth with a football team most have no ties to, and inability to name 1 player not named DeMarco Murray, Ryan Broyles, or Landry Jones.

On the other side(see what I did there) we have a team that plays dirtier than the Tenessee Titans. Coached by Bo "I will gouge out your eyeballs and skull f#%& you" Pelini, this defense is "physical" to say the least. A fanbase that was once a gem of the big 12 first made the mistake as identifying themselves as The Greatest Fans in College Football. Then a move to the Big 10(+2) further amplified their delusions of grandeur. Thier pretentiousness soon turned to paranoia as they convinced themselves no matter how man times they watched that pass go out of bounds before the clock ran out that the Big 12 had a conspiracy against them. Then Eric Martin get suspended for just barely lining up his helmet to drive into the head of a player who had no idea he was there. Nebraska fans cry out that the Big 12 is punishing them for leaving the conference. The A&M game was an embarrassment for officiating everywhere, but to its hard to see whats happening on the field when Bo Pelini's flem is stuck in the officials eyes from him bearating them for most of the game. Bad calls happen, but you need to score more than 6 points to start bitching that the zebras cost you the game. As if this wasn't enought they throw another hissy fit when Dan Beebe doesn't fly up to present them with a trophy for knocking off the mighty Buffs and winning the North. Beebe defended his position that he was afraid for his life. Has it really come to this?

So we have one fanbase that has recently gone insane on one side, and a fanbase that has always been insane on the other. An ideal scenario is both Taylor Martinez and DeMarco Murray are found ineligible forcing a OSU-MO championship, but im guessing the odds of that are pretty low. I have to say as much as it pains me to say it I would be a little less nauseated to see the Sooners win. In reality OU will likely destroy Nebraska, but who knows. If Nebraska wins this it will go down forever as a cornerstone of their program. 25 years from now old alumni will tell of how it was Big Red vs the Big 12 and they defeated an entire conference that was out to get them. Though if OU wins its another day at the office. Just another Big 12 title to put in the crowded trophy case that for all we know will be overshadowed with a meltdown against Connecticut. This seems unlikely despite Oklahoma nearly making it an annual tradition to lose the Fiesta Bowl, but nobody said Boise had a chance either. So how about you? OU or Nebraska, pick your poison(literally).