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Oklahoma State Football 2010: Was it a Success?

I was sitting here closing the CRFF books for 2010... balancing the ledgers, saying things like "in the black", wearing round-framed glasses... you know... accountant stuff, when I ran across a post from pre-season about our football expectations. There were two separate articles written about it and a poll and everything.  Eventually, what we determined was that in order for the 2010 season to be deemed a success:

  1. The Cowboys would need to win at least 8 games
  2. Finish 3rd or better in the south
  3. Go to the Alamo or better
  4. And maybe beat either OU or Texas. 

Well I would say we accomplished all those things, and flat out obliterated most of em.  My favorite thing from that previous article was the wording in the poll questions.


How many wins must Oklahoma State have in order for the 2010 football season to be declared a success?
7 would be heaven
8 would be great
9 would be fine
10 are you fucking kidding me? You honestly think 10 wins is a reasonable bar for success?


I thought that even the suggestion of 10 wins was ridiculous.  Shows what I knew.

Anyway, now that we have brought some closure to the one outstanding issue, the CRFF books can be closed on 2010, and we can wrap up the year knowing that this team exceeded our expectations by quite a bit, and that 7% of you weren't "fucking kidding me" about expecting 10 wins.