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Allstate Good Hands Roadside Rivalry Road Trip: To the Alamo Bowl!

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This post is one in a series of AllState Roadside Rivalry Posts that have mostly been done by Spencer Hall at EDSBS.  Click here to see em all.

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I've been to San Antonio to watch Oklahoma State play in the Alamo Bowl twice. Once in 1997 when the world was introduced by a guy named Drew Brees, and again in 2004 when everyone was just getting to know a guy named Ted Ginn. 

Not exactly what you want to see from a "let's get a bowl win" standpoint.  

However, both road trips to San Antonio were fantastic. And when I say fantastic, I mean disgusting, hilarious, confusing, and great.

San Antonio is located right off of Interstate 35 - so you don't have to be a navigation genius to find it. Just point the car south from Oklahoma and hit the road. 500 miles later you'll be there - but don't forget about these classic stops along the way.

The British Rose, Dallas

Dallas British Rose Restaurant & Pub

I'm not sure how I ever found this place but I'm glad I did. It's not the youngest crowd in the world, or hippest for that matter but the place has the best unintentionally funny Karaoke scene in the entire world.  The food isn't bad either. Tell them Cincy Joe sent you and you might get some free popcorn. It goes especially great with their ice cold beer.

Heitmiller Steakhouse, Waco

If the fish and chips at the British Rose don't do it for you, there's always a roadside steak from the Heitmiller Steakhouse off of I-35 near Waco. This is especially a good place if you like to wait a long time for your food and smoke while you eat. A dying breed really.

Champions Sports Bar, Austin

I've been to Austin several times and I've done the whole 6th and 5th and 3rd and 7th and 9th street thing. My takeaway is that there is this great (although generic) sports bar on 4th and Trinity that has good food and a "mystery drink of the day" that gets me rocking every time. This is especially a good place to stop if you're looking to drag some tail down to San Antonio with you.

Snake Farm, New Braunfels

This is absolutely a must see. Seriously, set aside an extra hour on your way to or from San Antonio to stop and see this shit. Tons of snakes, alligators and of course - a GIFT SHOP! What better way to cap off a bowl trip than a snake hat?