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Alamo Bowl Buildup: A Few Reasons to Hate/Love the Arizona Wildcats

Since we know almost nothing about this school that calls itself the University of Arizona (the school whose footballing team the Cowboys will be matched up against tomorrow evening), I figured it was time to do some digging into this school and figure out if we should love them, hate them, or a little of both (hott!).  What follows is the result of tireless minutes of wikipedia browsing research into what makes the UA the UA, divided into two polar opposite columns of "Love" and "Hate" (two feelings that are rare in real life but in the bloggy world are used relentlessly...I'm just following the rules here).  Feel free to offer your own Arizona qualities you love, hate or are on the fence about... although that last one really doesn't fit the theme.

The list is after the Jump:



Love Hate
Arizona's original mascot was a real live bobcat...and on top of that, it's freaking name was Rufus!  And since this was in the 19-teens that thing may not have even been in a cage for all we know.  Baby-killing bobcat cage laws weren't even considered in 1915. So yes, the image of a lethal bobcat named Rufus roaming the field and stands definitely falls under the "love" column. They did away with Rufus and replaced him with this shit.


Update: Maybe the mascot isn't as bad as I thought.  For some reason it looks much better in this picture.
The story of the official Arizona Wildcat slogan "Bear Down" is pretty sweet. There was this dude in the 1920's named John Salmon that was an all-around badass at Arizona. He was the starting quarterback, punter, catcher on the baseball team, and president of the student body. In 1926 he was in a car accident and suffered a spinal cord injury which he would die from a month later. But before he died, he uttered to coach McKale who was at his bedside, "Tell them...tell the team to bear down". "Bear Down" was soon made the official university slogan and has been ever since. OK.. So I was going to make some joke about "Bear Down" having to do with bear gay dudes… but that John Salmon story was a little too badass and touching… I think I'll just leave it alone.


Famous Alumni

Love Hate
Craig T. Nelson - Actor
He also went on to coach the Minnesota State Screaming Eagles with assistants Luther and Dauber.
Geraldo Rivera - Host of something/Annoying Person
Jennie Finch - Softball
You’ve seen her - and if you haven't, just go to the internet... anywhere on the internet.
Nichole Richie - Celebrity of some kind/Annoying Person
Natalie Gulbis - Golfer
If you haven’t seen her… then you will want to look at this -


Take note ladies... always stretch before a physical activity. And always perform stretches that require you to put your arms behind your back and stick out your chest while wearing a form fitting shirt.  Also, go ahead and make sure there is a photographer off to one side. - - oh, one last thing.. when you are doing this, go ahead and be Natalie Gulbis.
Kourtney Kardashian - Celebrity of some kind/Annoying Person

Honorable hate mention goes to Salim Stoudamire for hitting that silly fadeaway in the 2005 Sweet 16 to eliminate the Cowboys.

Current Players

Love Hate
Nick Foles - Quarterback
Looks like a cross between Sunshine from Remember the Titans, and a marquee 70's porn star. It is safe to say that this dude slays at a Zac Robinson level.


Ricky Elmore - DE
No words needed