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Oklahoma State versus Arizona: Prediction Time!

After locking myself in a dark closet in a deeply depressed state due to hearing very unfortunate news about Natalie Portman, I have decided to emerge to shower give everyone one final glorious chance to make football predictions. This is the last chance to let your genius shine--or make an ass out of yourself. And I know a lot of you out there read the prediction articles and don't chime in with your own. To you I say, GET OFF THE SIDELINE AND GET IN THE GAME! This is the bowl game people! The final song is playing at your high school dance! This is no time to be sitting on that uncomfortable, fold out metal chair near the corner of the room. Get out on the dance floor and whore it up Miley Cyrus style (she's a whore)! Who knows? Your predictions might end up being REC'd...and that's a huge deal worth at least 4,000 Internets points. Yeah.

So click that sweet, sexy jump button and let's make some predictions!

1. Final Score?

2. How many different shades of red will Mike Stoops' face turn throughout the game?

3. How many receiving yards will Justin Blackmon have?

4. How many times will Holgorsen's departure to West Virginia be mentioned?

5. When the game is over, will the Arizona head coach pedal away in a car with his best friend, Fred Flintstone?

6. Do you think the Arizona head coach would trade his wife, Betty, for Wilma?

7. If you don't understand #5 and #6, punch yourself in the face.

8. How many total sacks in the game for both teams?

9. Who will have a more impressive game? Shaun Lewis or Joseph Randle?

10. Will Cinci Joe get a victory lay?

11. After the game, will Mike Stoops have a gay ol' time? (ok, done.)