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Alamo Bowl: Oklahoma State versus Arizona

I'm sure everyone is well aware of OSU's bowl destination but I thought I'd throw something official up anyway. Here is also a rundown of the other Big 12 bowls:

Tostitos Fiesta OU vs. UConn

AT&T Cotton A&M vs. LSU

Insight Mizzou vs. Iowa

Bridgepoint Holiday Nebraska vs. Washington

Texas Pinstripe K-state vs. Syracuse

TicketCity Bowl Texas Tech vs. Northwestern

 Click the jump for some early thoughts.

First of all, this looks like a pretty easy slate for the Big 12. I expect to see the conference go at least 6-2 and maybe even finish undefeated if everything falls right. OSU has a pretty favorable matchup against Arizona and should be favored by a touchdown going into the game barring any weird injuries. Some other thoughts looking at the games:

Easiest Big 12 game: OU versus UConn. Seriously, this is a joke. UConn is a 4 loss team in the worst football conference in America. Exaggeration? Maybe...but just slightly. What the hell is UConn doing in a BCS bowl??? For the national pundits screaming about college football needing a playoff, this should be their agumentative fuel. Leave Boise State and the mid-majors out of it.

Most difficult Big 12 game: A&M versus LSU. Well Aggies, here's your chance to find out what it would be like in the SEC. LSU's defense is mustard. I expect to see an extremely physical game. If A&M can find ways to expose any flaw the Tigers may have defensively, they can pull out the victory. With that said, this will definitely be the toughest win for the Big 12 to achieve.

Most controversial decision: The Insight Bowl passing up Nebraska for Missouri. Nobody will say it but I think it is fairly obvious why. The Insight Bowl matches up a Big 12 team with a Big 10 team. With Nebraska going to the Big 10 next year, I really doubt the Insight Bowl wanted to burn any Big 12 bridges by matching up two future Big 10 teams. The result: Mizzou gets to play a reeling Iowa team while Nebraska plays the same Washington team it destroyed earlier this season. Sorry Nebraska but this is what happens when you jump ship. You go from the Big 12 championship game to the 5th best bowl game in the conference.