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How to Keep Dana Holgorsen

With all the schools out there looking to ignite their football program by hiring an electric Offensive Coordinator, or possibly entertaining the notion of bringing Dana over as a Head Coach, Oklahoma State needs to step to the plate and give Dana some reasons to stay.  Here is a quick list of suggestions:

  1. Change the intro music from Audioslave to "In the Air Tonight"
  2. Add skullets to every player's helmet as a tribute

  3. Give him a snack (Cincy can explain this one in the comments if he is so inclined)
  4. Free suite and unlimited room service at the Atherton
  5. Set a limit of 13 touches for the #1 RB in all future Bedlam games (ouch)
  6. Campaign to get him the lead role in "Remember the Titans 2"... with this version featuring a Hayden Panettierre nude scene.