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Oklahoma State 71, Tulsa 54 : Plus/Minus, etc.

Now for the Plus/Minus stuff. For the explanation of Plus/Minus, read the intro of this post.  Here are all of the 5-man unit plus/minus numbers for the Tulsa game:

Lineup +/- minutes
Pilgrim, Moses, Sidorakis, Penn, Page 8 08:34
D Williams, Pilgrim, Brown, Sidorakis, Page 6 06:02
D Williams, Moses, Page, Olukemi, Penn 4 04:17
Moses, Pilgrim, Brown, Dowell, Penn 4 02:21
Moses, D Williams, Brown, Sidorakis, Page 3 02:13
D Williams, Moses, Sidorakis, Penn, Page 2 03:13
Pilgrim, D Williams, Olukemi, Page, Penn 2 01:46
Pilgrim, D Williams, Sidorakis, Page, Penn 2 01:16
D Williams, Moses, Sidorakis, Olukemi, Page 0 00:59
JS, D Williams, Olukemi, Dowell, Page 0 00:37
JS, D Williams, Brown, Dowell, Page 0 00:15
Moses, Pilgrim, Brown, Sidorakis, Penn -1 01:41
JS, D Williams, Sidorakis, Page, Dowell -1 00:48
Moses, D Williams, Brown, Sidorakis, Penn -2 02:35
Pilgrim, Moses, Page, Olukemi, Penn -3 02:22
Pilgrim, Moses, Brown, Penn, Page -7 01:01

It is encouraging that the starting lineup lead the Cowboys in +/- with the most minutes played.

Many more tables after the Jump.


The -7 lineup of Pilgrim, Moses, Brown, Penn, Page is a bit misleading as they were only on the court from the 9:46 mark to the 8:45 mark of the first half, and Tulsa went on a little 7-0 run when Justin Hurtt hit 2 in a row (one was a three from about 28 feet) then DJ Magley had a tip in to bring the Hurricane within 2 before the Cowboys called timeout and regrouped.  The +6 lineup of Williams, Pilgrim, Brown, Sidorakis, Page was in a few minutes later to close out the last 5 minutes of the half on a +4 run.

As for my least favorite 2-man lineup, "The 5'9 Militia" of Keiton Page and Ray Penn once again finished well on the positive side with a +8 in 22:22 minutes on the court together.  I don't like the look of the defense with them out there, but all the motion it sets up on offense makes up for it I guess as they continue to finish with a solid +/-.  And Tulsa is a big guard team.

Another unexpected +/- outcome for ya..... with the outstanding game Marshall Moses had, who would you guess would be the best +/- 2-man combo of bigs?  Probably Moses and someone else right?

2-man-unit +/- minutes
Moses, Pilgrim 1 15:54
Moses, D Williams 7 13:07
D Williams, Pilgrim 10 9:04

Not so. It would be the combo of Matt Pilgrim and Darrell Williams registering a nice +10 in 9 minutes.  In fact, look at all the individual +/- for the the 6 players that saw at least 20 minutes of action.

Player +/- minutes
Sidorakis 17 28
Page 16 34
D Williams 16 24
Pilgrim 11 25
Penn 10 29
Moses 9 29

While I am not stat-crazy enough to think that Moses was the least effective of these 6 based on just a Plus/Minus number (and I don't really like the plus/minus stat at the player level anyway ... there are too many other variables on the court for it to totally apply to one player), it is interesting to look at. 

To find out where this +/- discrepancy comes from, lets look at the Point Per Minute allowed for everyone:

Player MIN OSU Points TU Points OSU ppm TU ppm
D. Williams 24 43 -27 1.79 1.13
N. Sidorakis 28 49 -32 1.75 1.14
K. Page 34 58 -42 1.71 1.24
R. Dowell 4 8 -5 2.00 1.25
M. Pilgrim 25 44 -33 1.76 1.32
J. Shaw 2 2 -3 1.00 1.50
R. Penn 29 56 -46 1.93 1.59
M. Brown 16 29 -26 1.81 1.63
J. Olukemi 9 18 -15 2.00 1.67
M. Moses 29 58 -49 2.00 1.69

Notice who is at the bottom of that list. Once again, there are more factors at play for this to just be a one-to-one relationship, but nonetheless... it is interesting that Tulsa was scoring at its highest rate when Marshall was on the court.