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What is the Criteria For a Successful 2010 Season: Some Closure

A couple of weeks ago I posted What is the Criteria For a Successful 2010 Season that was full of all kinds of fancy bar charts and attempted to get at what we, as a fanbase, collectively feel constitutes a successful season for the Oklahoma State football team in 2010 (because they report to us... and if they aren't successful, we will not give them the standard 3% raise). Well after soaking in the reader feedback in that, and other comment sections, I felt like we should revisit this and firmly decide once and for all what needs to happen for 2010 to be viewed as a success. Some closure up in this blog!

* note that we were/are not discussing expectations for the season... many may expect us to be 6-6, but I don't think anyone would consider that a success.

In the previous post I broke the definitions of success into four categories:

  • Win Total
  • Record vs OU and UT
  • Big XII South standing
  • Bowl Game

(View the previous post for the detailed breakdown of each... and maybe some upskirts!)

Given the feedback, I think we sorta roughly decided that somewhere in the neighborhood of 8 wins, 3rd in the South, and Alamo or better is a successful season... the record vs OU/TX was deemed more of a requirement for Gundy's success than for the 2010 Cowboys. But I wanted to get some rock hard (hott) numbers to put to this, so I figured we could throw up a poll and declare the results to be the official criteria for a successful 2010. Expectations that will never change, will not evolve as the season progresses, and will determine our happiness levels from December through at least spring of 2011. It is a big decision, vote with that in mind.

As the three criteria are so closely tied together, lets only do the one poll concerning win total, as that is the most all encompassing measure. I do realize that I am setting myself up for failure here by polling fans of a site that has been in existence for three days.... but I don't care if we do only get 7 votes, it was already decided that the results are official... I wrote it a few paragraphs back. On to the polling.