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Let's Get Pasted: 8/16/2010 Links


All links and such after the jump.  Keeping the main page clear of a bunch of bullet points and sentence fragments. Also, feel free to complement us on the image.


Orange-circle_medium Freshman linebacker Caleb Lavey is done for the season.  No specifics yet, but the elbow that he injured last week in practice is the culprit. Lavey was listed as the 3rd deep at MLB, so this isn't too big of a blow to the defense, but it's never good to lose depth, and you never want to see a kid get hurt.  No word yet from Chesney's camp.

Orange-circle_medium  Saturday's scrimmage was closed, so there isn't a ton of useful information to come out of what transpired.. but there were some useful quotes after the scrimmage:

Bill Young quote from Bill Haisten's article: "We’ve got a chance to be a pretty good defensive football team," Young said. "Our speed is much better than it was a year ago."

Dana Holgorsen quote from Stillwater NewsPress: "I feel good about nine guys on offense, we’ve got to find nine more,"

Asked whether his receivers are adjusting well to the new offense, Holgorsen said: "The first group is. They’re doing fine."

I am getting the impression that Holgorsen isn't real happy with the depth on offense right now. I'm also getting the impression that Dana isn't real big on coachspeak.

Orange-circle_medium Follow fall camp, see photos, video, etc all at

Orange-circle_medium Also, a very tan Gundy issues answers some questions here for ScoutTV here.  He is mostly naming guys that he feels like have performed well thus far in August practices. The guys he names are: Weeden, Blackmon, Gilbert, Furr, Donaldson, Gent, Lewis, Randle, Mitchell, Hedgepath, Craig, and his spf 4 tanning oil.

Orange-circle_medium Picked up the 2010 Football Outsiders College Football Almanac over the weekend (pdf download available for $5 on the FO website). Applying all their dorky fancy F+/- and PWE's and whatnot to the 2010 season, Oklahoma State comes out 8-4, #32 in the country, and 4th in the South. Tons of great info in there, along with explanation of how they got to that #32 ranking. At $5, I really don't understand why you don't own this yet.

Orange-circle_medium Another quote (this one from Gundy) that is setting up this season as a good competition between athleticism and experience. From AP:

"We're rolling some new guys in but I think we're more athletic and we have more speed than we've had in a number of years," coach Mike Gundy said. "We just don't have as much experience."

Orange-circle_medium I'm not sure that he invented the term, but it is the first time I have heard it.  @MattPil31 (Matt Pilgrim) referred to Stillwater as "illy Stilly".  That has immediately moved up to the top of my list of alternative names for Stillwater... leapfrogging "Stilly" and "the place where I banged em".



Orange-circle_medium Anyone interested in the QB competition in Lubbock? No? Well, apparently neither is Steven Sheffield. Or at least not interested in winning it. From

"If you take this scrimmage and look at it from an outsider looking in, there’s no way you’d say I did better than Potts. So of course, yeah, I hurt my chances.’’

When asked in what way he had performed poorly, Sheffield replied, "Just everything."

"Every play basically," he said. "I didn’t do many good things. More than anything, I just didn’t do what I’d practiced all week and implement the stuff that we put in all week. I just made a bunch of dumb decisions. I don’t know if I thought too much or didn’t think enough, but yeah, it’s got to improve. Real soon."

I don't care if he outperforms Potts the rest of the way, I wouldn't start a quarterback in the Big XII that has self-confidence issues. We might be a few weeks away from rumors about Sheffield being hand-fed chicken after games.

Orange-circle_medium Because there has to be an arbitrary ranked list in every link dump, the ESPN bloggers rank the quarterback units in every conference.  Oklahoma State is placed at #7 in the Big XII by David Ubben.


Orange-circle_medium From Sean Keeley, a kid at an Angels game participating in a between innings fan promotion thing, falls and breaks his arm, then continues the event while his arm dangles at his side. Badass eleven year old alert.