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Starting Position Battles Breakdown

We covered some of this in the Position-alysis breakdowns, but now it is time to follow these starting position battles through fall camp. Below is a chart (yeah charts!) listing the ongoing major position battles, along with a perceived probability of each candidate landing the starting job. I will update this as progress is made, and separation occurs, then will repost with significant changes. As practices are closed, these are based purely on coaches comments and what little information does leak out of practices, so feel free to disagree and offer your own opinions. Although, I'm not really sure how anyone can disagree with assigning a percentage next to everyone... such a deadly accurate ranking system.

I am only going to look at the starters for now, but may broaden to include 5th WR, nickelback, etc as practices progress. And if the review of Nickelback goes well, I will expand to reviews of Creed and Daughtry.

Position Player Chances Quick Notes
Right Tackle Parker Graham 50% Both will play a lot, both are monsters
Levy Adcock 50% Pretty even right now though
SS Linebacker James Thomas 40% Slight edge right now
Joe Mitchell 30% Fr that has turned a lot of heads
Shaun Lewis 15% Thomas called him a "pit bull"
LeRon Furr 15% Looked good in the scrimmage
Punt Returner Josh Cooper 35% Risky considering the depth at WR, but he can do it
Joseph Randle 30% Fr that everyone is big on right now
Justin Gilbert 25% Fr that is lightning. Being compared to Perrish
Johnny Thomas 10% Quick and well built. Could get a shot here.
Kick Returner Victor Johnson 90% Hes been there, there is a funny smell, call the cops
Justin Gilbert 55% See above. (These will add to 200%, I'm assuming we will drop 2 for KO's)
Joseph Randle 35% Coaches want him to touch the ball in any way possible
Kendall Hunter 20% I hope this rumor isn't true, but it's been mentioned more than once
2nd Cornerback Andrew McGee 45% Played a lot in 2009, seems likely candidate
Andrae May 35% Unless May overtakes him
Justin Gilbert 10% Fast playmaker, will see plenty of action
Devin Hedgepeth 5% Being moved around a lot. Getting a lot of positive mentions.
Zack Craig 5% More of a safety, but coaches want him on the field.