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2009 Cowboys in the NFL Preseason

There are a lot of Cowboys from the 2009 team that are currently on preseason NFL rosters.  Far to many for us to track the day to day development of each (what do you think we are, informational?). However I though it would be helpful if we had one spot here to see where everyone is, and some links to how they may be doing.  Also, I just figured out all the table html on this site so I am real table-horny right now.

There are a couple of notable omissions, Andre Sexton and Patrick Lavine, who as far as I know are unsigned and not likely to find work this season.


Player Team Links/Recent News
Russell Okung Seattle Russell Okung
Dez Bryant Dallas Anywhere on the internet.. seriously anywhere
Perrish Cox Denver SBNation: Perrish Cox
Zac Robinson NE Zac Robinson
Brady Bond San Diego A Closer Look: Brady Bond
Keith Toston St Louis Toston in mix for spot - Toston news from a fantasy site
Noah Franklin Carolina Noah Franklin - update: Waived
Andrew Lewis KC Rookie Spotlight: Andrew Lewis
Swanson Miller Cleveland Good mention on Scout
Andrew Mitchell Cincinnati Cincinnati Bengals: Andrew Mitchell


What a table filled Tuesday!

If anyone knows anything about any other 2009 Cowboys in the NFL (or any other years for that matter), let us know in the comments, or throw out a fanshot.