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Let's Get Pasted: 8/18/2010 Links


Let's Get Pasted is a place where we periodically post a collection of links, quick thoughts, and hopefully one day, a haiku.


Orange-circle_medium Rankings! Rankings! Oklahoma State comes in at #16 In ESPN's most recent 2011 recruiting class rankings. Other Big XII schools include, Texas(1), OU(3), Nebraska(15), Texas Tech(20).

Orange-circle_medium In related recruiting raking news, Rivals is really big on Oklahoma State QB commit J.W. Walsh from Denton, bumping him up from a Ranking of #114 to #74.

"Walsh was excellent at the Nike 7 on and that's most important in such a competitive environment to excel that way," Gorney said. "Walsh was an outstanding leader, communicated well with teammates, and took control of his team when needed. He didn't have a consistent week at the Elite 11 but still made a lot of quality throws. We evaluated him more in the 7-on-7 competitive environment because it shows field vision and decision-making and he stood out."

With Herschel Sims being ranked at #48, this makes it two Cowboys in the Rivals 100.

Orange-circle_medium Hubert Anyiam is practicing at full speed, and declares himself ready for the season opener. KJRH in Tulsa, AP.

Orange-circle_medium Pat Forde of ESPN ranks the top 20 small RB's in college football.  Odd ranking, but Kendall comes in at #6, so this gets linked. Can't wait for his lists of Best Double-Jointed Kick Returners, and Top Defensive Linemen that are Virgins.

Orange-circle_medium Jenni Carlson article about what a good guy Andrew McGee is.

Orange-circle_medium If you have a Scout subscription, the Chargers site has an interview with Joe Wickline where he is discussing Brady Bond.

Orange-circle_medium Lastly, the US News college rankings are out. You know, those rankings that are in no way intended to be a direct measure of a University's academic merit but somehow were constantly mentioned along with conference re-alignment talks? You know, the site that lists the purpose for the rankings as..

Certainly, the host of intangibles that make up the college experience can't simply be measured by a series of data points. But for families concerned with finding the best academic value for their money, the U.S. News Best Colleges rankings provide an excellent starting point for the college search.

...yet many take to mean that if one school is ranked above another then that lower school is academically terrible and there is no way any student learns anything there or can get a job after college? Well anyway, one of the most completely misinterpreted sets of rankings ever is out for 2011, and Oklahoma State has moved from an unranked Tier 3 University, to ranked 132nd and in Tier 1.  Now before we get too excited, US News has completely changed their ranking structure, and there are now 191 schools in Tier 1 where last year Tier 1 was made up of only 100 or so schools if I remember correctly. Another thing to consider before we get too excited, is everything I typed above.  But hey, if some folks prefer to just look at names next to a ranking to determine which schools are better and which students and alumni are smarter, then I guess this makes Oklahoma State look better.  Yeah for us looking better to the LCD!



Orange-circle_medium Wisdom of the Crowds: Week Three - Rock M Nation SBNation Missouri is tallying up reader votes for every outcome of every week of Big XII play for the 2010 season, and rolling them into predictions. Stop by and vote it up.

Orange-circle_medium Check it out gamblers.  From a CBS affiliate in Alabama, a story about how all the Big XII schools can be expected to perform against the spread in 2010. They predict Oklahoma State to have their first losing season against the spread since 2005.



Orange-circle_medium From Team Speed Kills, an interesting look at the dwindling number of first time national champions, and the decreased likelihood of it happening in the future.

Orange-circle_medium BCS Evolution has plans to track the uncertainty of the weekly BCS rankings. At least I think that is what he is doing.