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Oklahoma State Football Future Non-Conference Opponents

Since it seems like every so often we are wondering what future non-conference schedules will look like, I figured it would be a good idea (our first one!) to put them in one place here that can be updated and linked back to etc.  Right now I am just using these two sites (as they were the only two i found by binging the googles), along with what I know of the existing agreements to fill out the future schedules. If I can find a second source besides the two linked above, I'll link it to that team name. Once we get it more complete-ish, I'll throw it on the sidebar for reference.  So here are the future games that I know of right now.  The order does not represent the order of play in that season, it represents fanbase attractiveness.

Year Opponent 1 Opponent 2 Opponent 3 Opponent 4
2011 Arizona ULL @Tulsa
2012 @Arizona Rice
2013 Lamar
2014 @NC State
2015 NC State Air Force
2016 @Air Force
2019 Purdue


Note: I remember hearing some rumors a while back of a future home and home with Clemson, but I can't find anything concrete on that.  Will update if I find it.

Note2: I am pretty sure we have ULL at home the next 2 years in exchange for the game this year. I could be remembering that incorrectly though.  Can't find anything about it online.