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AP Top 25 Poll is Out: Oklahoma State at #42

AP Poll

Yes, #42 in the Top 25.  Fresh off our high of receiving 11 votes, the 39th most in the Coaches Poll, Oklahoma State comes in with 3 votes and at #42 in the AP poll.  Suck on all of that Temple with your 2 votes!  The three votes actually all came from one voter, Wade Denniston from the Logan Herald-Journal in Logan, UT, who had Oklahoma State at #23 on his ballot (click the link and be shocked by who Wade has at #25). Way to go Wade!

While spots 1 and 2 remain the same as the coaches poll with Alabama and Ohio State respectively, the most interesting development in the AP poll is Boise State coming in ahead of Texas and Florida at #3


Rank AP Coaches
3 Boise State Florida
4 Florida Texas
5 Texas Boise State


Needless to say, this has to have Texas fans a little nervous about the prospect of passing a potentially undefeated Boise State team in the AP Poll. They are discussing it over at Burnt Orange Nation.

Here is a link to four polls on the same page for comparison purposes (AP, Coaches, CBS, and BLOGPOLL!).