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Housekeeping, FanPosts. and FanShots

Hey Cowboys and Cowgirls and Reverse Cowgirls.

Kickoff is fast approaching and I wanted to let everyone know what we are have planned for in-season coverage.

The posting schedule for game weeks will be pretty fluid until we figure out what works best, but there will certainly be an Open Game Day Thread during every Cowboy game where we can all meet and share thought on what is happening on the field. So make sure and meet here before kickoff and we will get the comments rolling.

Sunday - we will put up a quick game recap. 
Monday - will probably feature a more in-depth game recap, and a look at the upcoming opponent.
Tues-Friday - will feature a mixture of previews, predictions, news, and probably some best case/worst case scenarios for the upcoming game.

While I am in my managerial role here, I wanted to also encourage anyone that is up to it to write up a fanpost or a fanshot on the site.  I don't think I really mentioned them when we went live, but you can find the links to them on the toolbar at the top of the page.  There is no cost to use these sections.  Totally free.

FanShots are typically used to break news that the site hasn't put up, share a video, link, image, or create a poll.  Just a quick hitting bit of information that you think would be valuable for the community.

FanPosts are where you can show off your writing skills.  The fanposts utilize the same interface that we use to write the articles on the front page, so you have all the same tools at your disposal as we do, and every opportunity to show us up.  Re-write a post that you feel we didn't handle correctly, take a new angle, use it as a way to start a discussion (similar to the original post in a message board thread), or use it in any way you see fit. You could theoretically run your own website from within our fanpost section. But don't do that... that would hurt our feelings.

If you post a FanPost or FanShot that is deemed to be information that everyone needs to see, we will promote it to the front page of the site.

That's it for now... thanks for continuing to read us even though we can no longer be a borderline porn site.