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Lets Get Pasted: 8/30/2010 Links


Let's Get Pasted is a place where we periodically post a collection of links, quick thoughts, and hopefully one day, a haiku.
It's game week folks! Finally some links that may mean something... well not really.  But they are links, and clicking is fun.


Its the first week of Football season, so let's start off with a couple of basketball links.

Orange-circle_medium Summer Shootaround: Big 12 - ESPN
A look at the Big XII and some predictions.  Expect a lot of "the Cowboys will miss James Anderson" in every one of these preseason basketball previews.

Orange-circle_medium Best Case/Worst Case: Big 12 - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN

For some reason the entire OSU write up reads like a worse case scenario to me. Here is the Best Case:

For some reason the entire OSU write up reads like a worse case scenario to me.
Best case: Is this a rebuilding year? It certainly feels like it. The Cowboys lost All-American shooting guard James Anderson to the NBA and forward Obi Muonelo to graduation. But there is still some experience here. Marshall Moses and Matt Pilgrim could both take a larger role, and Keiton Page, despite his 5-foot-9 frame, is a tremendous shooter and a skilled passer. If touted power forward recruit Michael Cobbins can replace Muonelo's productivity in the paint, the Cowboys can avoid falling too far behind their competition in the top half of the league.

Orange-circle_medium The Associated Press: Receiver still chasing dream after broken back
Good writeup on Artrell Woods recovery, and comeback at UCO this season.

Orange-circle_medium Plenty of reasons to expect 8 wins | Tulsa World
Bill Haisten comes out of the gate strong and predicts Oklahoma State to be 8-4 this season.  I had them at 7-5 and I write for a homer blog. Mr. Haisten, I commend your bold prediction, and I would also like to know what color wheelbarrow you use to cart your giant balls around.

Orange-circle_medium Special report: Whatever happened to redshirting players in college football? |
No description necessary.  It is what it sounds like.  Good article.



Orange-circle_medium Time to Cleanse the Karma - Rock M Nation

Mizzou fans cleansing their karma by admitting embarrassing things about themselves. They are up to 500 comments, most pretty funny.  Here are my stat crush Bill C's that got the ball rolling.

1. I owned multiple Care Bears when I was growing up.  More, it turns out, than my wife did.  More Care Bears than G.I. Joe's, actually.  (Seriously, you better not leave me hanging on this one.)

2. I am still mad at Johnnie Parker for fouling up the ending of this game, and that probably is not healthy.

3. My favorite movie ever is Say Anything.  If that is not bad enough (and, honestly, I don't consider that bad at all), try this: I didn't actually mind Sleepless in Seattle.

4. My wife has a lot of Lady GaGa songs on our driving-to-work playlist (we commute together), and there are actually a couple of them I don't mind.  And there are a couple of her Rihanna songs that I outright enjoy.

Orange-circle_medium Turning point: Gill brings new style of coaching to KU -
Kinda random I know... but I enjoyed this story on Turner Gill. He is bringing in "thinking consultants" and asking others opinions of the job he is doing. I kinda feel like he is setting everyone up to drop the hammer on them later.

Orange-circle_medium Big 12 Preview: A Breakdown Of All The Must-See Dates On Conference's Farewell Tour -



Orange-circle_medium Is the College Sports Bubble About to Burst? - Bring On The Cats
Interesting and sorta terrifying read comparing the college sports bubble to the real estate bubble.

Orange-circle_medium BCS Playoff - Round One - BCS Evolution
I really like the stuff utesfan100 is doing over at BCS Evolution. In this recurring series he is analyzing the five most important games each week as they pertain to BCS rankings.

Orange-circle_medium Tracking Odd-Front Defenses: Week 1 Schedule - I Am The 12th Man
Beergut is beginning his season long effort to track every defense that uses a 3-man front.