OSU vs WSU offense comparison

Alright, this is my first crack at a fan post, so bear with me. Now, I know samuelbryant has already done a WSU preview, which is better than this one, and the consensus is that they suck, balls. This is true. They are, as hype would lead you to believe, terrible. All I am trying to do is put some in depth numbers to their terrible-ness, and show how that stacks up against OSU. (all stats are from last year, duh)


Sophomore Jeff Tuel will be the season opening started for the Cougars. Tuel played in 6 games last season, starting 5 of those before a knee injury ended his season. Lets start with the positive. Well, Tuel completed a 99 yard touchdown pass against Arizona State. He also, as sam mentioned in his preview, had a career game against Cal, going 28 for 42 for 354 yards. The only better passing game in school history belongs to Drew Bledsoe, who had 385 against Arizona way back in 1990. Unfortunately for WSU, this may be where the positive section ends, and the negative section begins. Though Tuel had 6 td passes in 6 games, he also had 5 interceptions, and was sacked a spine destroying 28 times, and average of 4.66 per game. By comparison, Zac Robinson was sacked 10 times, in 12 games. Ouch. In fact, no other OSU qb was sacked, WSU was not so lucky. Along with Tuels 28, the Coug offensive line allowed another 25 sacks, spread out across the four other quarterbacks who saw game time. So 53 total sacks, again, ouch.

Starting at running back will be 5' 10" 199lb James Montgomery, a senior, who saw action in 3 games last year before he developed compartment syndrome after a hit against SMU. He finished the year as the second leading rusher, with 167 yards, despite only playing 2.4 games. How many yards did the leading rusher have, you ask? A fat 417. Now, there are only two conclusions I can draw from this. Either A: The entire running back core sucked ass, or B: The offensive line consisted of my sister and her church friends. I believe the answer consists of 3/4 o-line failure, based of giving up 53 sacks, and 1/4 running back suckiness. Montgomery also had one TD to go with yards, tied for second most on the team. The leader, who also had those mind numbing 417 yards, gained a freakish 2 TD's. Yes. 2. They suck. The entire running back corp had a total of 5 tds. Damn.

The wide receivers are listed as X,F, and Z, on the 2 deep roster, and the three startes are Daniel Blackledge, Gino Simone, and Jared Karstetter. My favorite is Gino Simone, since that is a money porn star name. But I digress. Blackledge played in 9 games, had 23 receptions for 212 yards and 1 TD. It should be noted that it took him 3 years, playing a total of 30 games to get that TD, his first and only. Simone played in an started 10 games, had 36 receptions for 330 yards, and also 1 TD in his freshman campaign. Karstetter, also known as the Cougars BROC, started all 12 games, reeled in 38 balls for 540 yards and 6 TD's. I suppose we will have to cover him.

So, in conclusion for the offense, ITS FUCKING TERRIBLE!! REALLY, THEY SUCK THAT BAD!! All qb's combined for 11td's and 16 int's. Hell, the offense only managed 16 total touchdowns for the year. Z-Rob had 12 and Toston had 11 by themselves. WSU had a whopping total of 851 rushing yards, Toston had 1218 by himself. Receivers managed a total of 195 receptions for 2,135 yards. OSU had 197 receptions for 2,339 yards, but also had 20 TD's.

Now, what does all this mindless rambling mean for this week's game? Lets assume, and this is a gigantic assumption, that WSU is 25% better than last year, and that OSU is 10% worse. Total TD's for WSU goes to 20, total int's go down to 12, and total yards per game goes from 248.3 to 311. Does that worry me? No, because I believe our defense can handle those numbers, and there is no way their defense can handle our offense. The over/under of "barfanus" should be spot on.

I will try to get a defensive comparison up before the game, but no promises as school is kicking my ass. I have locked over the numbers, and basically they are as terrible as the offense.