OSU/WSU defensive comparison

Allright, since people actually read my last post on offense, I made time to do a defensive comparison between the Pokes and Cougs. And, I even learned how to use "the jump" so this bastard wont take up half the screen. More after the allmighty jump.

I think the best place to start is the defensive line. Now, I had thought about listing total tackles, but I'm not going to for two reasons. First, the total tackles differs between different sites, and by a wide amount. And second, lots of tackles doesn't necessarily mean good defense. So I think I'll start with fumbles recovered. This is a stat WSU can be proud of, and the only stat I've found that they were superior to OSU last season. The Cougars recovered 14 fumbles, which was good enough for a tie for 15th overall. The Pokes, however, recovered 12 fumbles, giving us a tie for 27th. Fumble recovery's stop a teams drive and give your team the ball back. Duh. But hey, sometimes the obvious will do. 

Next, and I believe this to be the most important defensive stat, are the sacks. Fumbles can be generated, but they can also be luck. I almost included fumbles in offense, and I'm still torn between calling them a giveaway or a takeaway. The only way to know for sure is to actually see the play, and I don't care nearly that much. Sacks, however, are all forced. Someone has to blow through the o-line to get a sack, they don't just happen. OSU had 28 sacks totaling 199 yards lost, and a ranking of 46th. WSU, did not fare so well, getting 12 sacks, for 53 yards, and a 115th ranking.

I think now would be a good time to put in tackles for loss, so I will. OSU had 77 tfl's, 68 solo, for 312 yards and an average of 5.92 per game. WSU had 55 for 163 yards, an average of 4.58 per game. I consider TFL's to be drive killers. They either leave you with a second or third and long, which lets the defense know what is coming. Now, in this game, I consider this even more significant. WSU does not have a good offensive line, and letting our guys know its pass time makes it even harder for the Cougs to be less one dimensional. 

The last major category I want to include is interceptions, and this falls directly on the secondary. Now, OSU is missing Parish Cox, but I believe the secondary to be the least of our problems on defense. But that has nothing to do with last years stats. WSU intercepted the ball 10 times, while OSU had 18. Again, same deal as fumbles. This gives a total turnovers recovered of 32 for OSU, 11th overall. And 24 for WSU, 39th overall. For grins, I will include turnovers lost here. OSU lost the ball 30 times, WSU 31 times. Damn, we sucked to there. That gives a turnover margin of 1.06 for the Pokes, and .77 for the Cougars, with 1 being even. So we have them there, and by a bit.

Three Players To Watch Out For:

Travis Long, DE. Long, a sophomore, led the team with 6.5 TFL's and 2 sacks- in his freshman year. He had at least one tackle in every game, and had his career game so far against SMU where he had 9 tackles, (5 solo), 2 for loss, and a sack. He started every game last year, so he has good experience. He's 6'4" and 258lbs, and though a bit undersized he is fast. 

Myron Beck, SAM LB. Beck, a RS senior juco transfer, may be the stud of the team on defense. He had 41 tackles (33 solo), 2 for loss, and one sack. He also had two interceptions, one against SMU he took 67 yards to the house. (SMU must blow) He has played in 20 games, missing the last 4 of his freshman campaign after breaking his hand. From what I can tell he will be the one blitzing when its time.

Tyree Toomer, FS. Toomer, as RS sophomore, made his collegiate debut against Oklahoma State in 2008 recording 6 tackles. He tore his pectoral muscle in camp last year and used his redshirt. In 2008 he had 34 tackles (19 solo), 2 for loss, and 2 sacks. He had a career high 7 tackles agains rival Washington, including a 9 yard sack.


What the hell does this rambling bullshit mean for Saturday? Basically, like the offense, they suck. They do posses a few decent players, but overall not a very impressive group. Considering last year they ranked dead ass last in total defense, third from last in scoring defense, and fifth from last in pass defense, I expect it to be a long day for this unit. The only thing that can stop our offense is itself. Really, nothing about either players returning or WSU's recruiting class lead me to believe the wont blow donkey dick. Im sorry to say it, but Christ the Lord above the Cougars suck at almost every facet of the game. I respect what they are trying to do there, but Troy and ULL scare me way the hell more. Seriously, I tried to make this more professional that the offensive one, but its hard not to ball on a team that sucks so bad. I watched some youtube of WSU last year, and bad news bears came to mind. Hope yall enjoyed it.