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Welcome to CowboysRideForFree

Welcome all to CowboysRideForFree (acronym TBD), an sbnation blog about the Oklahoma State Cowboys. Some of you already know us as, others have never heard of us, and some of you may have known for a while that you don't want to know us. With this intro post, I would like to briefly introduce you to who we are, where we come from, and what we hope to accomplish here at CowboysRideForFree.

Previously we were, and we have been in existence since August of 2008, however our site activity was let's say "intermittent" for the first year and a half as we would often take breaks to experiment with various side projects involving writing for other sites, forming bands, and as a direct result of those two activities, pleasuring ladies.  Well in the spring of 2010 we had a big meeting, decided that what we enjoyed most was writing about Oklahoma State athletics, then promptly got the band back together (again) and re-dedicated ourselves to this site.  A few months later SBNation came a knocking and after an extensive negotiation process*, we signed on and couldn't be happier about it.

As for the folks writing this thing, we are a group of Oklahoma State grads that love our alma mater, love Stillwater, love the way they shave the canadian bacon at Hideaway, love Garth Brooks (un-ironically), love drinking coldish beer out of a plastic 22 ounce collectible cup, and love everything else that defines us as Cowboys. On top of that, we like to believe that, like most Cowboy fans, we are semi-realistic about our Cowboy fandom and can take the ups and downs that come with it in stride (this attitude is best maintained through a strict regiment of drinking and denial).

For those of you that followed us over here from the old site, thank you for the continued support, and expect more of the same... for those that are new to us, enjoy having your mind blown (maybe.. no promises).  We hope this site will provide an informative, yet entertaining experience for O-State fans, Big XII fans, college sports fans, sports fans... (this list could just keep expanding forever.. let's skip to the end)... and universe fans.  With plenty of resources and a large amount of D jokes at our disposal, surely you can find something to like at  For those that are new to SBNation, check out the fanposts and fanshots sections above where you can post your own stories, links, videos, etc. These are a great way to start discussions, break some news, or just show off your writing skills. We would love to see lots of words coming back at us rather than us just cramming all of the brilliance down your throat.

To sum up, you are excited, we are excited, but most of the time... Let er rip.

*The negotiation process ended upon agreement of the following terms:
- No drug tests
- Exclusive access to the SBNation pool on the first Tuesday of every month