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Cowboys Ride For Free Podcast #1: Sam and Cincy Talk Cowboys

Well we are officially a multimedia outlet. Mark this day fellas. Mark it. Once you are done marking it, check out the podcast below. Sam and Cincy discuss all kinds of issues ranging from Cowboys football to Cowboys football... a lot of range in there. Actually, we did have an agenda and mostly stayed on topic. We discussed:

  • General feelings out of fall practices
  • Oklahoma State depth chart
  • Plans for Saturday (live thread!)
  • Washington State talk
  • Predictions

I should note that we actually recorded this on Monday, which will probably not change the context of anything in there... but in case it does, there is your explanation. Also, if you are looking to make this more entertaining, count the number of times we drop a "we" when referring to the team... it has to be in the multi-dozens.

As for future podcast plans, we do intend to post one a week discussing the previous weeks results and the upcoming matchup. So put that down in your Franklin Covey.

Now on to the audio! Take a listen, and prepare to eargasm.  For those looking to download the audio in mp3 format, click here.