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Let's Get Pasted: 9/1/2010 Links


Let's Get Pasted is a place where we periodically post a collection of links, quick thoughts, and hopefully one day, a haiku.

The writeups are a little short today... busier than I thought I would be at my 2nd job this morning.  There are still links though, just waiting for you to click them you big stud.


Orange-circle_medium OPPONENT PREVIEW: Oklahoma State Cowboys - CougCenter
CougCenter posted a pretty solid preview of the Cowboys. There are position breakdowns and predictions and atuff in there.

The Cowboys are in trouble if...That new offensive line doesn't come together and the new back seven plays well below the level of 2009, allowing a couple of WSU's strengths (the defensive line and wide receivers) to have good days. There are a lot of new starting faces on this Cowboy squad, which means there are more than a few question marks. However, they do have a lot talent left over and most likely will be bowling again this season.

Orange-circle_medium OSU Notebook: Richetti Jones is healthier this season | Tulsa World
Good notes in here on Richetti, backup QB's, and Christian Littlehead.

Orange-circle_medium The Daily O'Collegian - Oklahoma State ready to unveil its own Rudy
It's Colton Chelf.  No word yet on who will play the kind field maintenance guy.

Orange-circle_medium Ok. State No. 1 in men's preseason poll: Campus Insider: Golf Digest

Orange-circle_medium Defending NCAA Champ OSU Ranked Second In Preseason Poll -
Not sure how this one worked out.  Oklahoma State received the most 1st place votes, yet ends up ranked 2nd.

Orange-circle_medium  Oklahoma State Cowboys Vs. Washington State Cougars 9/4/10: Jeremy's Free Pick Against the Spread NCAA Football - The Sports Chat Place
This betting site is taking the Pokes this weekend.



Orange-circle_medium Big 12 fans target Huskers during last go-round - College football-
And targeting Nebraska fans can be really difficult, given their translucentness.

Orange-circle_medium Fewer risks for Big 12 coaches with easy openers - College football-



Orange-circle_medium There is a new Wyoming Cowboys blog on the SB Nation network. Go ahead and check out Cowboy Altitude and give them shit about being the Cowboys/Pokes.  I do have to admit, their logo is the tits.