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Bear Woods: Bear Woods, Bear Woods

Enough talk about Troy already, amiright? I, for one, am so tired of reading "Jernigan this" and "Southward that", and all the other...  you know... useful information we have been attempting to provide. Instead, let's make this a thread dedicated to honoring the former Trojan, former Falcon, and current CRFF legend that is Bear Woods.  I can't get enough of the man, you can't get enough of the man, and the world (aka: our target demo) deserves more Bear Woods.  So let's express our admiration of Bear Woods by leaving our favorite Bear Woods memorabilia in the comments.  Pictures, video, quotes, a poem, anything is fair game so long as it is Bear Woods related. 

Note: comments about current Troy offensive lineman Lance Gunn are acceptable as well (h/t AUKingOState).
Subnote: I am pretty sure Blakeney recruits on name alone. ("Hey Larry, we are looking at two Linebackers.  One is Gilbert Nerdstrom, a 5-star who is 6'3, 235, and runs a 4.2. The other is Hammer Skullcrusher, an unranked recruit who is 5'8, 180, and runs a 5.1.  He is also covered in racist tattoos and blind in one eye and well.. I guess we already told you his name... so, ya Larry... we will go ahead and tell Nerdstom to get lost and offer Skullcrusher.")

Enjoy the comments Bear Woods fans.