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Let's Get Pasted: 9/10/2010 Links


Let's Get Pasted is a place where we periodically post a collection of mostly Oklahoma State links, quick thoughts, and hopefully one day, a haiku.

The day before gameday, and I haven't posted one of these in a couple of days.  You would think this would mean that there would be more links, you would be wrong.  But as usual, I tried to filter for the exciting links rather than just blasting the post with every link that mentions Oklahoma State, Stillwater, or upskirts. Get clicky.


Orange-circle_medium Sports Extra - Blogs - OSU | Tulsa World
The only reason I linked this is because of the shocking stat that Oklahoma State's 2nd highest average home attendance opponent after the Goons, is Tulsa. Yes, that Tulsa.

Orange-circle_medium OSU Notebook: Late night with the Gundys | Tulsa World
Apparently the Gundy's were wandering around Stilly at midnight last Saturday, looking for some left over brisket and orange jello shots. Then Mike makes what I am pretty sure is a reference to my bedroom:

"We've had a hard time finding people at midnight, which is understandable," he said. "I'm sure I'd know where to find everybody, but I'm not sure Kristen and I have enough energy to go to those locations."

Orange-circle_medium Sports Extra - Blogs - OSU | Tulsa World
Linked for this quote from Troy HC Larry Blakeney:

"I like Mike. He’s a farm boy from Oklahoma and I can relate to him. He’s had some bad pub because of a quote or two, but he is a good fellow and he coaches them up good. I expect them to be pretty good."

Orange-circle_medium Coaches Corner: Bill Young - OKLAHOMA STATE OFFICIAL ATHLETIC SITE
Nice interview with Bill Young.

Orange-circle_medium Where To Watch College Football In NYC: 2010 Edition
This isn't Oklahoma State specific as it lists the top meeting location in NYC for each collegiate fanbase, but I loved the name of the bar where Cowboys fans meet up.

Oklahoma State University: New York City Cowboys will feel right at home at Stillwater Bar and Grill. Wear orange, and go Pokes!

Orange-circle_medium Story lines of the NFL season from A-Z; pencil in Dez Bryant as ROY | Dallas Morning News
Basically exactly what the headline says.



Orange-circle_medium Big 12 Cob Of the Week: Turner Gill, Carson Coffman, Nike and Tommy Tuberville - Corn Nation
Like the idea of an award for the worst performances of the week in the Big XII. Spoiler: a school located in the state directly north of us is running away with this contest.

Orange-circle_medium The Ralphie Report Staff Weekly Discussion - Let's Talk Football - The Ralphie Report
If you care about Buffalo football, and you might, I enjoyed this read with all of the Ralphie Report writers chiming in with their opinions, email style.



Orange-circle_medium Week 2 BTBS Picks - Rock M Nation
Stat crush Bill C posts his week one results and week 2 picks using all his fancy numbering stuff.

Orange-circle_medium Pundit Roundup is Back and This Time It's Collaborative - Burnt Orange Nation
Great read here from our buddies at BON about the media's focus on certain storylines and how they can end up serving as a detriment or a benefit to a specific team.  Trust me, the whole thing is worth a read, but I really nodded my head while furrowing my brow and taking a sip of coffee at this part:

Last year, I wrote the following: "Being good at something other than what people thought you would be good at is going to make them think that something's wrong, not that something's right."  What I meant by this in 2009 was that it didn't matter how good Texas' defense was last year (or how many games they won because of it) because the media's micro narrative for the team was that it would be an offensive juggernaut (based on 2008 results, when it legitimately was one).  Because Texas excelled in an area in which they were not expected to excel rather than the one in which they were expected to excel, the media narrative was not centered on how well Texas ground out wins with defense; it was instead a question: what's wrong with the Texas offense?

Orange-circle_medium BCS Standings: Week 1 - Simulated - BCS Evolution
The Evolution is simulating BCS standings already.