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Dana Holgorsen is not a short-timer, just a smart single man

In today's issue of the Tulsa World, OSU beat reporter Bill Haisten poses the question of Dana Holgorsen being a short-timer in Stillwater all because he doesn't have a house.

True, he lives in a Hotel Suite (probably the Atherton) - but as a single man making good coin in Stillwater, that is probably the best option. A clean room and a made bed come standard.  Breakfast does too. Laundry and linens can be "outsourced. "

I understand that someone might view this as a characteristic of a short-timer, but I see it as a smart choice by a man that does not want to be bogged down in his first year.

After all, what single man wants the hassle of a mortgage, lawn care, repairs, etc when you can have this?!?!

Sumptuous robes (Sumptuous!) 
Full sized hairdryer (The Phil Collins hair doesn't dry itself)
32" HDTV
Complimentary DVD library 
I-Home docking station 
Full housekeeping services 
Laundry and dry cleaning service 
In-house fitness center
Complimentary local & national newspapers 
Gift shop, beauty salon, and barber shop adjacent

Plus, I bet the quiff at a fancy on campus Hotel is unbelievable!

Now the Tulsa World doesn't mention this but you should take in to account to that he has 3 kids, and probably has a house and ex-wife somewhere else - so a low stress, "all inclusive" lifestyle in Stillwater makes sense to me.

Holgorsen is just a guy that wants to keep things simple off the field, and concentrate on winning games in Stillwater. Oh, and bring nice strange back to the Atherton to take advantage of the sumptuous robes with room service...