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Making a point without all the writing; Charts, Graphs, and Diagrams

You all know that I love representing things in graphic form.  And I have proven that you love charts and graphs and such... proof here:


The problem is that I rarely find a spot for the graphical stuff I create that works in the context of articles, so I have decided that I need to have a feature that is nothing but charts and diagrams and drawings and porn. Just a few random visual things I have created, and am too proud of to just leave hidden in my "bitchin charts" folder.  I haven't come up with a clever name for this feature yet, so I am up for suggestions, but the plan is to throw one of these up once a week (or once a year, whichever comes first), so that all this graphical "insight" doesn't go to waste.  So on to the charts.

First, Saturdays turnovers represented chronologically, and by acceptance level/possibility.


Next, a Venn diagram:


One more Venn diagram.. oldie but goodie-ish: