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CRFF Podcast #3: Troy Review, Tulsa Preview

Podcast #3 coming in at you. Once again, CincyJoe and myself are talking Cowboys, Trojans, Hurricane, and probably some other stuff. Give it a listen.. it's like viewing this site without the annoying aspect of reading all the words and punctuation and having to invent a voice to read it in. Also, we have an intro and outro song on there now. It is more of a temporary placeholder at this point until we can get in the beat lab and lay down an original, but it improves the podcast by about 3%. Basic outline:

  • Intro (so professional)
  • Recap the oddness that was the Troy game
  • More Troy game stuff
  • Tulsa preview and discussion
  • More Troy Stuff
  • Tulsa game predictions
  • Cincy's phone dies and I have to load the podcast onto my back and carry it home
  • Outro

Happy listening.

Use the embedded player below, or click here to download the mp3.